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  Service is a kind of culture, in the rain, the service not only on behalf of a system, program, it has been integrated into the rain in the corporate culture, for all staff to accept and pursue. Company to provide quality, efficient service to users, and through service and communication to improve the service quality, improving while seeking service content and service mode, both sides benefit.

  ★Service concept: customer first, heart services, zero, zero complaint

  Tianyu enterprise to provide users with standardization, specialization, diversification, product service. Standard of service standards, professional represents the service quality, diverse representative service content, products of different service quality and value, are based on customer satisfaction as the standard.

  ★Service tenet: quality win the peoples confidence, credibility contact in person, the service moved to people

  ①Provide continuous, efficient, swift service to users, to build high-quality service brand;

  ②Establish and improve the service system, to provide professional, to the user to standardization, diversification, product service;

  ③Set up by the user as the center work style, to customer satisfaction as a measure of all the work of the principle of;

  ④Make absolutely sure to be responsible for the customer, service so that customer satisfaction, provide product technical advice to customers.

  ★Service content: perfect service, tailor-made for you

  ①Technical advisory services: provide technical advisory services to customers;

  ②Information query service: provide project information for corporate clients, including product information, technical service record query;

  ③Technical service: technical support, acceptance at remote technical support, on-site technical services, equipment repair service, telephone service to customers, and provide regular services to customers.

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